Professional Voiceover & Subtitling Services

Our specialist voiceover craftsmen, interpreters, and production team will precisely mirror the expectation of the first message and guarantee on-mark consistency. Here at The Translation People, we brag best in class studio offices and master outside dialect voiceover and subtitling venture the board so you can profit by an entire administration arrangement dealt with all the demonstrable skill and unwavering quality that has helped make our notoriety what it is – brilliant.

Professional Voiceover Artists

Voice Variety

We offer a truly tailored experience where you can choose from virtually every world language and select your preferred artist based on gender, age, dialect and accent.

Technologically Advanced

Our reactive, progressive approach to our work keeps pace with technological developments so we can exploit them to your benefit.

Complete Capability

We offer a tailored service whatever your localisation project. Transcription. Time-coded script creation. Dubbing. Voiceover and subtitling.

State-of-the-art Studios

We record and edit in our advanced media studios under the watchful eye of highly-skilled engineers with specialist experience of foreign language voiceover and subtitling.