Translation Memory Alignment

Alignment is a process that allows you re-use already translated content by creating a translation memory from existing translations, instead of starting from scratch.
SEA Language Translation company can create one by aligning your previously translated material i.e. putting the original and translated documents side by side and comparing them to determine which sentence pairs belong together.

TM Alignment Formats

We can create translation memories from documents in the following formats

Winalign Tool

Microsoft Word
HTML and files
STF files
TradosTag (TTX) files
Microsoft PowerPoint files
Microsoft Excel files
Windows Binary and Resource files

SDL Align Tool

Code File
CopyFlow Filter
HTML (Web pages)
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
RTF (Documentation and Help)
TXT (Plain Text)
Web-based formats

Factors To Consider

There are a number of factors which will help to improve alignment results