MTPE Services

SEA Language Translation company is a dedicated machine translation. We provide quality and affordable MTPE services for enterprise customers in two primary areas:

Post-editing for technical document translation & localization

This service is similar to traditional document translation services, but it differs in that we first apply MT and then use our pre-approved human translators to systemically edit the results. This means that the final version of the localized content has the same high level of linguistic quality and technical accuracy as the translations done completely by professional human translators.

Post-editing for MT engine training & machine learning

This service is more focused on editing the MT results and providing feedback to clients so they can use the data to train their MT engines for improved machine translation quality in the future. We have developed a highly streamlined post-editing process through APIs so the entire MTPE task can be carried out with unrivaled efficiency while allowing MT quality evaluation scores to be easily captured.

Our MTPE Measurables

We have created imaginative MTPE advancements that enable our language specialists to unhesitatingly post alter and give constant phonetic quality input. We have drastically disentangled MTPE on cell phones with the goal that proficient interpreters and industry topic specialists can without much of a stretch audit and alter machine deciphered substance anyplace and whenever. Our MTPE administrations check and survey the majority of the accompanying dialect quality measurables.